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As a teenager, I literally covered my bedroom walls with magazine tears of images that moved me. I endlessly customized and rearranged furniture. I created a looming fear in my parents as they waited for my next "project" request. After 15 years in a corporate setting, I decided to turn that passion into a career, making a distinct pivot and following my true path to interior design. 

My career goals are focused around residential design, with interest in boutique commercial projects. My residential focus is on custom new construction and remodeling. I want to be on job sites, participate in layout design, select finishes, as well as source furniture and put the whole puzzle together. I am an entrepreneurial spirit at heart and being able to see projects develop from concept to completion is the dream.


The environment I work in is extremely important to me, and I thrive in team settings. I have been fortunate to work with really cool, really extraordinary people and I actively seek that dynamic as I move forward in my new career.


I am a detail-oriented critical thinker who enjoys the work as much as the reward. A motto I strive to live by is to "always look for what is possible." A curious approach to life, a positive attitude and a bit of sarcasm have allowed me to move successfully through this transition. That and my mad AutoCad skills.

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